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  1. Buy And Sell
    -1500$ -Feel free lure 11.5 -Has built in transport wheel and fits easily in my short box. -camera holder -rod holder -humminbird piranha custom built into kayak (ducer is recessed to you can beach kayak) -12v battery -paddle -anchor -can easily transport with one person in and out of rough...
  2. From the Kayak
    Kayak Selection/suggestions I am looking at getting my own fishing kayak. I've fished from kayaks for a while, but they were just standard recreational kayaks. Originally I was looking at the Ascend FS10 as...
  3. On The Boat
    Hi! Today I want to share with you one post, where you can find useful review on good fishing kayak. Now I am planning to buy new kayak and it's too hard to choose the best one. Here is the link: What do you think about...
  4. From the Kayak
    Hello, Been looking at getting a kayak for fishing over the past couple months and I'm really not sure which route to take. Wanted to know/see what everyone uses, pros and cons, ideal rog etc. I think having a trolling motor available would be an awesome feature to have for trolling or hands...
  5. Sold
    hello, i am looking for a fishing or ocean kayak for sale. size does not matter, nor do colour or price. thanks
1-5 of 5 Results