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  1. Ice Fishing
    Has anyone ever tried fishing this lake near East Braintree?
  2. Buy And Sell
    Basically Brand New Lowrance Hook 7 with all summer hardware/transducer as well as ice setup. Purchased a second gimble mount, ice ducer, new battery, aluminum arm and mounted it all on a marcum shuttle. Also comes with a sunshade. Sold our boat at the beginning of last season with intent...
  3. Ice Fishing
    Just wondering the ice conditions on Patterson, going out tomorrow
  4. Ice Fishing
    Anyone been to west hawk or hunt in the pass few days? Going out tomorrow and would like an update. Been in the minuses all week I would think it would still be fine.
  5. Sold
    I've rarely used this. In the past three years, I've used it four times (this is the only piece of ice fishing gear I own... I've only ever gone out with a buddy who has everything else). Works as it should. Has battery life indicator on the rear (behind the plastic window - pic#2) I...
  6. Ice Fishing
    Hi has anyone been night fishing on the red lately? Is it worth it?:confused::?
  7. Ice Fishing
    Hello how important do you think it is to insulate the floor of your ice fishing shack. Thank you
  8. Ontario Fishing
    Any news on the ice depth and conditions in the LOTW area. I have been hearing various conflicting reports.
1-8 of 10 Results