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  1. Buy And Sell
    Sold my Helix 10 G1 and looking to upgrade to a Helix 12 with Mega side imaging or MSI +. PM me with what you've got if you're looking to sell. Thanks
  2. Humminbird
    Just wondering peoples thoughts/experience on if the 8's extra 20% side imaging detail is worth the $300 increase in price over the 7. Also assuming having the larger screen would be an asset as well. Looking to upgrade the finder on my boat yesterday lol. Cheers
  3. Mapping Software and Technology
    Hello, I'm new here so thanks in advance to anyone that can help. I have a Humminbird Helix 5 DI-GPS and I recently bought the Navionics+ Canada card. When I first used it I had maps but no depth charts, admittedly I may have had a setting wrong. anyway, I updated the card thinking that was...
  4. Buy And Sell
    I have some items up for grabs after removing them from the boat I just bought in preparation for rigging with Lowrance units. Items were added to the boat in 2016. AS ETH 5PXG , Ethernet module - $180 AS ECX 30E, 30' Ethernet Extension Cable, 2x - $60 each EC M10, 10’ transducer extension...
  5. Summer Time Electronics
    Hi all, I'm new to owning a boat as of last year. Bought a 16 ft tin boat with a 25 johnson on and enjoyed getting out last year at LOTW to putter around. Used an ancient Eagle SupraPro ID fish finder which was fun to use but definitely isn't as intuitive or accurate as I would like. I'm...
  6. Buy And Sell
    looking for a transducer for a hummingbird lcr 400 id portable fish finder /Depth finder part # xhs-6-16 or xpt-6-16
  7. Summer Time Electronics
    Can anyone tell me the difference between AutoCart Zero lines, which runs for $135, LakeMaster AutoChart, which runs for $260, and LakeMaster AutoChart PRO, which runs for around $325? I am thinking about buying the $135 AutoChart Zero Lines card, but I'm not entirely sure of all of the...
  8. Humminbird
    Hi All, this is my first post so bear with me, I have been trolling around here for quite awhile so thought maybe I should finally take the plunge Lots of good info on here so kudos to the Mods. I have recently purchased a HB 899 C and ordered the lakemaster pro mapping system, anybody out there...
1-9 of 10 Results