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  1. Winter Time Rigs
    Hey guys, I have a mako43cc and I'm having a bit of an issue with it. when I pull the throttle to the max, the auger kind of bogs out and looses power, almost like it is getting flooded. it starts and idles 100% but yea when I open the throttle full power it just bogs out. I am always running...
  2. Buy And Sell
    Hey, does anyone have or have seen an eskimo hand auger extention for sale. The ones i've seen for the power augers do not fit. I got an adapter for my 18V drill but now need an extention since I won't have the hand crank length after the bit.
  3. Lost and Found
    Has anyone found a black bag of Ice anchor with an Eskimo adapter on Lake Winnipeg towards the mouth, It dropped while on a sled. Will financially reward the person who returns or finds them .
1-3 of 3 Results