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  1. The Mighty Red
    anyone know if lockport is thawed out? Was thinking of trying for cats soon.
  2. On The Boat
    I just got back from fishing at Lockport and while we were there, my friend caught a 17.5" walleye. When I was there at the end of June, my friend caught two walleye, one was 18" and the other was 20". We caught them on catfish rigs with shrimp. Today, small amount of people were trolling and...
  3. On The Shore
    Hello. I've been fishing for (primarily) catfish for a couple seasons now, mostly on shrimp, chicken livers, or other prepared baits. but I want to really start targeting some of the big cats out there. I do most of my fishing within Winnipeg and was wondering if there are any spots in...
  4. The Manitoba Lodge
    According to one of the boatmates the water was p*ss warm. we anchored near the locks where COTR boat launch is. Cheebers caught a catfish. I caught a 32" catfish. I caught a 38" catfish! wpgfisherman caught a catfish. cheebers went home with his boat then I caught a 32" and 34" from...
  5. The Mighty Red
    Two years ago i caught this Catfish in the south Red River near the Floodway. No doubt it is a Channel Catfish but i have never seen or heard of them being completely blacked out. I am curious if anyone knows what causes this or if it is even unusual to begin with. I haven't seen a Catfish like...
  6. On The Shore
    Long story short, girlfriend got stuck by a catfish. Are these grips legal? I couldn't find anything in the fishing guide. I know our masters program is set up so we don't use fish grip scales. These grips do not puncture holes in the fishes mouth and i only plan on using these on big cats...
1-6 of 6 Results