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  1. Ice Fishing
    Located in Hillside Beach, Manitoba, this four-season cottage has direct access to Lake Winnipeg and is situated in a prime location for fishing. This rental provides the perfect accommodations for your trip; included are some amenities such as kayaks, fishing rods, 6-8 person hot tub, and more...
  2. Techniques-Tackle-Presentations
    I've accidentally caught a few carp while fishing worms and nightcrawlers, and I've been really impressed with how much of a fight these fish put up, and the size they can reach! I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can locally get carp-specific fishing tackle in town, or from a Canadian...
  3. On The Shore
    I'm located about 1.5 hours south of Winnipeg and I'm searching for some master carp to top off my specialist. Usually they are running down the pembina river around this time but I've had no luck in my usual spots. I use corn on a drop and that usually does the trick but I've been out 5 times...
  4. The Mighty Red
    Hey guys, I'm hoping to target some Carps this open water season. I remember catching them when I was a teen along the red river bank by the disraeli bridge. But it was just sheer luck. Was just using your typical pickeral rig baited with salted minnows. So if anyone can offer me some tips...
  5. On The Shore
    Never caught a carp before! Was wondering if there was any good spots to catch in or near Winnipeg? Would really love to hook into one of those pigs!
  6. On The Shore
    I know this isnt actually late season fishing but maybe it is for carp? This is my reasoning for the post. Hi everybody, I was reading a thread called rookie carping or something of that nature. I have been trying to fish carp around the grand beach area as they are showing themself in...
1-6 of 6 Results