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  1. The Mighty Red
    I was thinking of taking out my nephew on his first fishing trip, and thought about going to Breezy Point. Have any of you been there yet this year? What condition is the road in (specifically near the boat launch) Is there a lot of shoreline to fish on this year? How fast is the river...
  2. On The Boat
    Does anyone know if there is still a dock at the Breezy point/Nettley creek boat launch? Is there still a boat launch for that matter? Thank
  3. Red River Reports
    Hit the road at 5:00 am and picked up a friend and off for a two and half hour drive to Breezy point. Everything set up and lines in the water shortly before 8:00. Found a decent spot in about 20 feet of water... away from the crowed... and started catching just before 8:30. First fish a 21...
  4. On The Boat
    I'm fairly new at boating in the Red River - Lake Winnipeg areas. What are the depths past Breezy Point into Lake Winnipeg on both the Main and East channels of the Red River. I have a 17' fishing boat so the draft isn't too low. And is it possible to boat from the launch at Selkirk and boat all...
1-4 of 4 Results