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  1. Bass
    Hello everyone new angler here and i was wondering when the 2023 fishing season starts. Does it start when I can buy a angling License on March 1st?
  2. On The Boat
    Recently returned to the bass tournament scene and looking to find a partner to fish NW Ontario bass derby's. Person should be somewhat of an avid angler and willing to share in entry fees and fuel costs with all earnings split 50/50. I'm 58 years of age, live in Kenora, and run a 2018 Z19...
  3. Ice Fishing
    Want to get ready for next winter by finding some nice ice fishing spots, anyone know any good locations?
  4. On The Boat
    I am looking to find some places to go fishing with a 16' boat that are around 1.5-2 hours drive from Winnipeg. Preferably a lake with walleye, bass and pike. I have been considering Shoe and Bird lake in the Nopiming Provincial Park. Another option is to go to Big Whiteshell. Has anyone been...
  5. On The Shore
    Hey everyone! I'm making my first trip to falcon lake at the end of July and I was hoping to find a lake with some rainbows or other trout. Does anyone have any suggestions for lakes within 1 hour of falcon? Really hoping I'm not to late for that bass bite as well. :-?
  6. On The Shore
    Hey guys, Just moved to Carman from Northern MB and starting to get the itch to catch something. No boat down here so looking for somewhere to fish off shore. Not partial to any species in particular but definitely interested in catching some large mouths. So, where do I start?
  7. On The Boat
    Hey all This may be ridiculous but Im from Manitou,MB and i have never been able to flush out the largemouth at Mary Jane my whole life:mad::mad::mad: Does anyone have any tips or lure choices that they use or even any stories of largies being caught in 2014. This summer is my goal season to...
  8. On The Boat
    Hi. Hope your all well. I'm planing a trip Thursday for me and my girlfriend. She never been fishing before and is love to get her hooked. She would make a great skipper lol. Anyway. My plan was to go to west hawk, but after ALOT of googling this might not be best. I've never been anywhere in...
1-8 of 9 Results