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  1. Ice Fishing
    Went out fishing on ELW and noticed a few other people using live minnows. I am hoping that this could start a list of places in and around Winnipeg that one can go and get some live bait. I was told a bait shop in Beausejour has but you need to ask for them because they keep them hidden.
  2. On The Shore
    Hello. I've been fishing for (primarily) catfish for a couple seasons now, mostly on shrimp, chicken livers, or other prepared baits. but I want to really start targeting some of the big cats out there. I do most of my fishing within Winnipeg and was wondering if there are any spots in...
  3. The Manitoba Lodge
    I just saw the store was open today. It is called Smoke and Fish. They have live and salted minnows, ice fishing supplies and tents. They will be open early at 6am for bait once ice season starts. It is on the corner of Manitoba and Main Street in Selkirk. 405 Main Street Not...
  4. Sold
    Looking for some frogs and or leaches. Anyone got any?
  5. On The Boat
    Hey. Been a long time sense I posted. So I thought I'd ask about catching some minnows. I've tried a few times in places like Sturgon creek and around the red with my minnow trap but all I managed to get was a crayfish and a few stickelbacks. I've baited with crackers, chips cheese and even cat...
1-5 of 5 Results