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  1. Ask an Angler
    I have been using my 10" Stikemaster 40v for a few years now and it has been great. What I am curious about is how often guys are needing to replace their blades and or getting them sharpened. I have around 3 sets of blades laying around that wont quite cut anymore but are still sharp minus a...
  2. Ice Fishing
    Hey there, Thanks in advance for the help <3 I've been ice fishing a few times in my life. Love it, but I do not have any of the "stuff". I usually just tag along with buddies that do. I have a cabin at Victoria beach on 8th ave by Connaught Beach. Down by the pump house. Anyone ever try...
  3. Buy And Sell
    Bought the wrong size for my auger. My mistake. Looking to get what I paid ($30). It's well made, approx 20" long and the shaft is 20mm as seen in pictures. I have no idea what this will fit but I can tell you it didn't fit my older Jiffy 30. Pick up in St.Vital
    $30 CAD
  4. Ice Fishing
    I have a Strikemaster Lazer 10" auger and have put new blades and power point on this year. When I went to go drill a hole for the first time this year, it wouldn't really catch unless you moved it around and then would drill but slower than it used to. There was no ice covering they blades...
  5. Sold
    Strikemaster Laser Mag 2 hp 8" Ice Auger $300 Nice lightweight unit that can be used all day without hurting your back! (204) 229-5599 [email protected]
  6. Ice Fishing
    I am in the market for a used ice auger. I only go ice fishing a handful (5-8) times a year, so I am on a budget. The target species are smaller to medium sized walleye, lake trout and the odd large pike. Would an 8" gas auger be sufficient, or should I fork over the extra cash for a 10" hole...
1-6 of 6 Results